The 100-day challenge, and more books

Two more books that I am using for reference but can’t really say I’ve read all the way through:

The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts, by Hanne Blank

BIg Yoga, by Meera Patricia Kerr

Somewhere on Making Light someone referred to this post on a 100 day challenge:

The author suggests picking some physical activity or “body practice” and committing to doing it at least every other day for the next 100 days. You are not to look for any particular outcomes other than to experience what it is like to do this thing.

I had already started walking on the treadmill, and I was fairly goal-oriented on that anyway. But I was intrigued, and as I read through the list of things that other people were doing, yoga “sun salutations” caught my eye. Not having done yoga for a great many years, I looked it up and thought, no, I can’t do this. But searching for information on modified yoga poses led me to the book Big Yoga. I have, so far, done a modified sun salute at least every other day since February 1, and I like the sense of moving and stretching. And I no longer need the book to remember the sequence of moves.

And I liked Hanne Blank’s blog enough that I bought her book, too. I like the attitude: it’s about fitness, not necessrily about weight, and don’t let people give you grief about being fat and active.


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