Fitness: Baseline

I’m starting, yet again, a plan for healthy eating and exercise. I don’t really expect this to interest anyone else, so feel free to skip it. It doesn’t interest me very much. People who talk about their diets are boring. And personally, I hate other people telling me about fitness or, worse, “wellness.”  Wellness means it’s all your fault and if you just tried harder you’d be … something. A better human being, maybe. And that perky young things who’ve never been five pounds overweight in their entire lives will tell you what you’re supposed to think and feel as well as what you’re supposed to eat. Bleah.

I started the eating plan yesterday (not calling it a diet). It’s one that worked for me before. Once I got going it wasn’t hard to stick to, and it improved my weight, blood sugar levels, etc. But I dropped off it a little over a year ago and need to climb back on. It’s straightforward: I avoid pretty much all refined carbs (sugar and flour). I love that stuff, but it is addictive to me, and it’s really much easier to give it up altogether than to limit it. I also avoid potatoes and white rice  when I can, but if they slip into an otherwise-healthy meal while I’m eating out, it’s okay. Lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nonfat dairy are all fine. Reasonable amounts of fats – salad dressing, nuts, oil to roast vegetables, etc. – are fine. Reasonable amounts of complex carbs like legumes and whole grains are okay.

Here are the baseline numbers. I hope to look back in some months and see improvement. Weight: 300.5 pounds.Resting heart rate 77. Blood pressure 151/83 (ugh). On the track at the high school walked 1 mile in 24 minutes 27 seconds.


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  1. Good luck, i’m sure you can do it if you stick with it and dedicate yourself! 🙂

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