Professor Sophie Knowles Mysteries

Titles: The Square Root of Murder and The Probability of Murder

Author: Ada Madison

I saw the second one of these on the “new paperbacks” shelf in the library and was intrigued enough to find the first one in the mystery section and check them both out.

I sort of read them: read the beginning, skipped to the end to see whodunnit, and skimmed some in between looking for specific bits I wanted to know more about. I’ve probably read as much as I’m going to read. Meh.

It’s not the author’s fault. I used to like light cozy series like this, and I keep expecting I still will, only apparently I don’t any more. If I still liked the subgenre, I would have liked these books, so if you do, give them a try. The main character is intriguing, although she does have a little bit of a “let’s not tell the police about this clue I found” problem. But she’s likeable and intelligent, she has a likeable boyfriend, and I enjoy the setting of a small college and her interactions with students.

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